Outdoor MultiTube, Jelly Filled, Loose Tube S-Z Stranded Steel Tape Armor

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Product Model

There are two models 5 Tube Model (for 12-60 Fibers) and 6 Tube Model (For 36 Fibers to 72 Fibers). We also have 8 Tube and 12 Tube Models upto 144 Fiber.

Product Applications
1) Good Temperature withstand capability.
2) Good mechanical stress withstand capability.
3) GYFTS model features good ability to shield from electromagnetism induced voltages or currents.
4) Long distance CATV signal distribution.
5) HFC networks.
6) Suitable for duct use, aerial and underground application.
7) Temperature range: -30ºC to +70ºC.
More Information
Technical specification
1) There are two models 5 Tube Model (for 12-60 Fibers) and 6 Tube Model (For 36 Fibers to 72Fibers). We also have 8 Tube and 12 Tube Models upto 144 Fiber.
2) Number of Tubes means total number of tubes and fillers.e.g. For a 5 tube model it can be 2 Tubes and 3 Fillers or 3 Tubes and 2 fillers. Total number remains 5.
3) The number of tubes depends on the number of fibers.
4) The tubes are made of PBT Plastic material which has high capability to withstand wide temperature changes.
5)The Tubes and all spaces between the tubes are filled with Moisture Resistance GEL to prevent longitudinal moisture ingress.
6) The cable consists of Multi Loose Tubes stranded around the central Strength member (also called CSM). CSM can be FRP (for non metallic cable) and GI Steel rod.
7) The non metal central strength member avoids voltage breakdown between CSM and Steel Tape caused by lightning induction.
8) The tubes are bound by corrugated longitudinal steel tape armor which is bonded to outer PE Sheath.Steel Tape Armor ensures cable has high radial moisture resistance and improves the crush resistance.
9) High quality HDPE provides good ultra violet radiation property.
 Fiber count    F=<60  72  72
 Tubes + Fillers    5  6  6
 Outer Dia D  cm  10.30  10.50~13.0  13.1~16.00
 Nominal weight  Kg/Km  110  125~175  175~260
 Max Tension (N)        
 Short Term  N  1500  1500  1500
 Long Term  N  600  600  600
 Min Bending Radius        
 Installation    20D  20D  20D
 Static    10D  10D  10D
 Max Crush Resistance  N/100mm2      
 Short Term  N/100mm2  1000  1000  1000
 Long Term  N/100mm2  300  300  300
Note 1: Tensile load varies according to outer diameter and outer sheath thickness by customer. It is possible to have higher tensile load by increasing outer diameter and outer sheath thickness.
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