The company is eminently positioned to offer a full range of products for Cable TV system, SMATV and MATV system, HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network) System, LAN Networking and CCTV System.

 ASTEL DIGICOM product range includes from

  • A simple RG-6 connector to a high end Fiber Optic Transmitter
  • High end PoE Switch, PoE injectors, PoE Extenders, PoE Splitters
  • Power Adapter to Rack Mount 18 channel Power Supply
  • CAT3 Cables to CAT7 Cables
  • 2 Pair to 100 Pair Multipair cables
  • Networking components like Patch Panels, Switches 
  • Networking accessories like RJ45 connectors, Brush panels, Patch Panels, Cable manager, Boots, Velcro Tapes
  • Fiber optic Networking Equipment like Media Converters, SFP, Switches etc
  • Fiber optic accessories like Patch Cords, Pig Tails, Adapters, Fast Connectors, Patch Panels, ODF
  • Speaker Cable to High End Public address and Broadcast system
  • Rack Mount and Wall Mount Power Supplies
  • Active and Passive Baluns

As we move together in the era of convergence, let us become your partners in success. 

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