Video to Fiber Converter 5MP AHD

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ASTEL newest model of V2F-5MP series is suitable for AHD/TVI/CVI 5MP cameras which require very high performance analog to digital conversion chipset. ASTEL series of V2F converters adopt the advanced digital video and optical fiber transmission technology and implement the transmission of real time video and synchronization signals with no distortion and high quality video effect. The play-and-plug design makes the installation more convenient and easier, and no user adjustments are required.


Main Features:

1) Stand alone design
2) 8-bit digital code and non-compression video transmission
3) Suitable for 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP AHD Cameras Video to Fiber Transmis.sion.
4) Suitable for 1920x1080P/30Hz, 2560x1440/30 Hz, 2560x1920P/30 Hz, Video resolution transmission.
5) Automatic compatible PAL, NTSC and SECAM video system
6) With AGC circuit, constant input optical power, and large dynamic range
7) GB optical fiber transmission, large capacity, and easy to upgrade
8) Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video
9) Advanced self-adapting technology, and no user adjustments are required
10) 5Hz-10MHz video channel
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Technical specification




4V1D SM-20KM



Video interface number 4 Channel Video + 1 Data 8 Channel Video + 1 Data
Bandwidth of video 8MHz 8MHz
Video input & output impedance 75 Ω (imbalance) BNC 75 Ω (imbalance) BNC
Video input & output voltage 1VP - P 1VP - P
Differential gain DP <+1% ( typical value) DP <+1% ( typical value)
Differential phase DP <+1% ( typical value) DP <+1% ( typical value)
Support Camera Pixels 1MP, 2MP, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP 1MP, 2MP, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP
Video Resolution 1920x1080P/30 Hz
2560x1440 P/30 Hz
2560x1920 P/30 HZ
1920x1080P/30 Hz
2560x1440 P/30 Hz
2560x1920 P/30 HZ
Weighted signal-to-noise ratio S/N ≥ 60dB(Weighted S/N ≥ 60dB(Weighted
Physical interface The industry standardconnecting terminal The industry standardconnecting terminal
Interface Signal RS485/RS422/RS232/Manchester RS485/RS422/RS232/Manchester
Code rat 0-400Kbps 0-400Kbps
BER < 10 -9 < 10 -9
Interface port lotus block industrial standard port lotus block industrial standard port
Audio input/output impedance 600Ω(balance/imbalance) 600Ω(balance/imbalance)
Audio input/output 2Vpp (typical value) 2Vpp (typical value)
Audio input/output level 0 dbm (typical value) 0 dbm (typical value)
Audio bandwidth 10Hz~20kHz 10Hz~20kHz
Audio digital bandwidth 24 bit 24 bit
Audio signal-to-noise ratio S/N ≥95Db ( weighted) S/N ≥95Db ( weighted)
Connector FC (Standard) FC (Standard)
Wavelength 1310nm & 1470nm – 1610nm 1310nm & 1470nm – 1610nm
Fiber type 9/125μm single mode
9/125μm single mode
Optical Output Power -3~-9dBm -3~-9dBm
Receiver -26dBm -26dBm
Environmental demand    
Environmental temperature 0°C~+60°C -0°C~+60°C
Storage environment -40°C+85°C -40°C+85°C
Relative humidity 0-95% ( no condensation) 0-95% ( no condensation)
Power supply voltage AC220V/50Hz AC220V/50Hz
Dimensions 17x14x3 cm 17x14x5 cm


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