Fiber Optic Node ONU-6112-XXX

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 ASTEL Optical Node ONU-6112-XXX is high performance optical Node with 4 RF ouptuts. It uses Optical Hybrid Module and Hybrid IC amplifiers to offer stable Optical and RF performance. This model available in 60V Line powering and 220V Mains powering options. 

Main Features
1) With PIN Photodiode High Response and Photoelectric Converter.
2) Optimized circuit design, SMT process production.
3) GaAs amplifier, power double output, high gain and low distortion.
4) Microprocessor control working status, LED shows all parameters.
5) Optimized AGC performance.


More Information
Technical specification


Parameter Unit Values
Optical Parameter    
Receive Optical Power dBm -9 ~ +2
Return Loss dB >45
Optical Wavelength nm 1100 ~ 1600
Connector Type   SC/APC 
Fiber Type   Single Mode
Circuit Performance    
C/N (Output 108 dBμV) dB ≥ 51-2dBm Input
CTB (Output 108 dBμV) dB ≥ 65
CSO (Output 108 dBμV) dB ≥ 60
RF Performance    
Frequency Range MHz 45 ~862
Flatness in Band dB ±0.75
Rated Output Level dBμV ≥ 108
Max Output Level dBμV ≥ 112
Output Return Loss dB ≥14
Output Impedance Ω 75
Electronic Control EQ Range dB 010
Electronic Control ATT Range dBμV 020
General Parameter    
Supply Voltage V AAC150~265VBAC35~90V
Operating Temperature °C -40~60
Consumption VA ≤ 30
Dimension mm 240L)╳ 240W)╳ 150H

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