Fiber Amplifier EDFA 1550nm Extra long range

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Astel Digicom is leading company catering to the CATV & Communication industry. Our product portfolio includes 1310nm Fiber Transmitter, 1550nm Optical Transmitters,EDFA, Nodes, Amplifiers, and Optical Passives. Astel Digicom takes pride in innovation by bringing new technologies and products to meet customers’ current and future requirements.

ASTEL Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is specifically designed with high power high performance and very stable pump laser.
It provides a stable 1550nm fiber signal amplification in all kinds of working conditions and temperature.
ASTEL EDFA has an exceptionally low noise figure which makes it suitable for usage in long haul CATV networks.
Especially designed for use with  OLT (i.e. Optical Line Terminal) in GPON, FTTH Network.
High reliability design for communications wavelength division appllcation in FTTH networks.
Available with WDM and without WDM.
Developing a large capacity and long distancce fiber communication system. 
Main Features
1) FO-TX-1550-XLR Series of 1550nm Transmitters are Long haul CATV Transmitters.
2) They are built for High Channel Loading.
3) Available in many configurations they are being used by leading MSO in many countries.
4) Suitable for Analog or Digital or Analog+Digital.
5) Suitable for QAM (Digital TV) transmission over long distances.
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Technical specification


Parameter   AST-FO-EDFA-1550-XLR
Nominal optical Output 1x26 dBm or 4x19.5dBm or 8x16.5 dBm
Wave length Range 1530 - 1565nm
Nominal optical output 400 mW
Centre Wavelength 1550±02 nm, ITU-TWavelength

Optical Connector SC/APC with Optical Safety
Shutter, FC/APC (optional)
Optical input range -4 ~ +7 dBm
Optical Output Port 1 to 8
Output Stability <±0.2 dB
Noise figure (0 dBm Input) ≤4.3 dBm
Noise figure (+6 dBm Input) ≤5.3 dBm
Polarization Sensitivity (dB) <0.2
Optical Power Adj range 3 dBm down from maximum
Optical Return loss (dB) >40
Input and Output isolator YES
Interface RS 232, RS 485 (optional)
Power Consumption 40W
Operating Voltage 220V (110-240V)
Operating Temperature 0ºC ~ +65°C
Storage Temperature -40ºC ~ +65°C
Dimensions (mm) 483 x 385 x 44


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