7/8 Inch Flexible Series

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Product Model
7/8" Flex
7/8" Flex
7/8" Flex
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Technical specification
Parameter 7/8 INCH FLEX
Inner Conductor Smooth Copper Tube
Dielectric Foamed PE
Ist Outer Conductor Spiral Copper Tube Longitudinally welded
Ist Outer Conductor 25.40±0.3mm
Jacket Material PE
Center Conductor Diameter 9.45±0.1mm
Foam PE 23.20 mm
Ist shield 25.4±0.3mm
Jacket Diameter 27.80±0.3mm
Nominal DCR @ 20 deg C  
Inner Conductor 1.88 Ohms/KM
Outer Conductor 1.65 Ohms/ KM
Nominal Capacitance 74.90 pf/M
Impedance 50±3 ohms
Return Loss ≥ 23 dB VSWR 1.15
Propagation Velocity Ratio 88%
Insulation Resistance ≥10000 MΩ*KM
DC Break Down Voltage 10000V
Test Voltage 10000V
Tensile Strength ≤ 1700N
Min Bending Radius (Repeated) 275 mm
Min Bending Radius (Single) 150 mm
Temp Range Operation -40 °C to +70 °C
Temp Range Installation -20 °C to +70 °C
500M Reel Weight 279 Kgs